Our training works!

About us

Training is invaluable. It is very important to ensure that the company has a steady supply of qualified young employees. For this reason, we are pleased to take on the social responsibility of training a new generation of skilled workers. The printing industry has a lot to offer. Much of what surrounds us in our everyday life is printed material: brochures, catalogues, supplements, information brochures, packaging, labels, signs, posters, tickets, money, and all sorts of security documents. We no longer focus exclusively on printing. The various forms of media can be combined using modern computer technology and telecommunications. Whether online catalogues, interactive CD-ROMs or multimedia lexicons, these products are created by us and in the print and media industry. To cover this broad spectrum, we are offering a number of interesting and rewarding traineeships that will prepare you for the future. These require not only technical skills, but also commercial, creative and communication skills. 

We train:
  • Media designers
  • Media technology specialists, printing
  • Media technology specialists, print processing
  • Industrial salespeople
  • Warehouse logistics specialists

Are you interested?

If so, send your application documents to:
Service & Print Group Haberbeck
F.A.O. Mr Lükermann
Industriestraße 17
D-32791 Lage